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Who is Jesus?


Hope Community Church exisits because of Jesus

Who is Jesus? 

Well, about 2.000 years ago, God Himself became a man and walked on this Earth. God’s plan was to save people from the consequences of their sins. Despite living a perfect life, he accumulated enemies who eventually conspired to have Him executed. The Bible tells us that His death was necessary so that people who put their trust in Him could begin to live new lives in relationship with God – just as God always intended for us. Jesus died, but 3 days later reports got out that people had seen Jesus alive again, and since that day, thousands upon thousands of people have had their lives transformed by meeting Jesus.

Are you interested in becoming one of his followers? Then please send us an e-mail at, pay us a visit one Sunday and ask how we became followers of Jesus, read the accounts of Jesus in the Bible (the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John give us His life story – we can send you a free Bible if you’d like) or why not do an Alpha course with Hope Community Church?. 


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